Maya's quest for quality is the key to our customer satisfaction.  

Our goal, more than anything else, is to provide peace of mind.  Peace of mind for the customer's we serve.  Know measurements are being done properly, know you have our service team at your fingertips, know that we will meet every criteria you set.  And if we can't meet the criteria you establish, we'll tell you.  

We pride ourselves on the best tooling, fixtures & gages in the world.  We strive to be more innovative, cost effective, & service oriented than any other Custom Gage Solution.  Our goals are to maintain & improve global service & support; Expand our presence building Automated Gage Systems; Increase our advanced product engineering customer service; Attain mid to low volume prototype & production contacts; Continuously improve all internal facets of our business & manufacturing equipment; Continue to expand our sales & service in North America & beyond.

Did you know that we now have a Zeiss CMM Quality Lab?  Click Below to learn more! 

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We are a CUSTOM Gage solution that has excellent designers to create your vision, start to finish!   With our engineering department, let us create


For over 40 years we have built tooling, fixtures & gages.  Let us help your business objectives & goals by building a product that works


Let our team of engineers can design a custom solution for you. We can help you become more efficient, improve production, save resources, & improve ...

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Constantly pushing the limits of measurement & automation. Non-contact measurement, collaborative robots & more...

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Once an order has been placed, we dedicate an immense amount of time to your satisfaction. We will make sure the product you order is exactly as you envisioned.

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