Not Just Gages

Not Just Gages

Maya can do more than just gages!  We help our customers with other solutions every day!  We have been around for 45 years & have hundreds of years of experience on staff with our engineering team.  Below are some other areas Maya can help!
  • End of Arm Tooling (see picture below)
  • Workholding (see pictures below)
  • Automation
  • Logic Programming
  • Surface Finish
  • 3D Printing (see picture below)
  • CMM Fixtures (see picture below)
  • Custom Software Applications click HERE
Please email if you have something you want us to help with!

EOAT Integrating Into Fanuc Robot

CMM Fixture RH & LH Parts

Workholding Fixture (3' tall x 3' wide)

Workholding Concept