Providing peace of mind for manufacturing

For nearly 50 years Maya has prided itself as a precision company building gages so that our customers can have peace of mind that their products are being manufactured to print.  As technology continues to be at the forefront of measurement, our focus is a cost effective approach utilizing the latest technology to improve processes.  This includes: 

  • Automatic Gaging
  • Bench Gages
  • Variable Hand Gages
  • Functional Gages
  • Masters with Certification

Maya Automatic Gages are the leaders in the industry from a technological standpoint. Our gages are often built on a Windows PC platform which makes it much more cost effective for the company & operator friendly! However when we need to control entire cells or multiple motions we will utilize a PLC & controls when necessary. We do not manufacture our own proprietary hardware making it difficult to be serviced or cost effective. We have a few videos here that will outline and show you Maya’s capability.