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Process Control Systems for Grinding Machines

In the GRINDING PROCESS, very small details can have huge effects on the machining performance. This context requires to take care, meticulously and continuously, at many aspects including complex ancillary units.

Some of them depend on external suppliers that have specific experience in niche engineering branches such as Spindle Balancing, Touch Detection, In-Process gauging and Vibration analysis.

This presents a critical step towards the full control of grinding operations in a computer numerically controlled (CNC) environment.

Balance Systems grinding process systems help to:

1) improve the workpiece quality

2) reduce the grinding-wheel wear

3) speed-up the cycle-time

4) extend the machine lifetime

5) increase the operators’ safety

Balance Systems operates on a worldwide basis for more than 40 years. Our customers primarily include keys players of the grinding industry, both OEMs and End-users. With our technology, we can run different functions, simultaneously, including automatic spindle balancing, touch detection (acoustic), and in-process gauging. Today, Balance Systems is the leading company in this field thanks to several patented solutions.

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Spindle Monitoring

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