Servicing Our Gages

Providing peace of mind for manufacturing

One of the most important aspect of Maya Gage’s business model is how we service our products. ‘Our quest for quality is the key to our customer satisfaction’. This is our mission statement and holds true once gages have been installed. For our customers to be happy, there is often a level of installation & service that proceeds the install. All of our gages have a minimum 1 year warranty and we often offer preventative maintenance plans for those gages that require it. If you are looking for a way to minimize headaches and let us be your ‘gage guys’, then let us quote & produce a product for you!!!

In this video we had a customer who requested an automatic air wipe system to clean the coolant & debris from their part. This request came to be because their part was littered with coolant & debris when it entered the Maya Automatic Gage. In order to automate this process, we designed & built an automatic air wipe system built in to their machine! This solution solved the problem!