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One of the main platforms that Maya is built on is INNOVATION. We believe when a company is innovative and coming up with cost effective, efficient ways to do business, everyone wins. At Maya Gage, we believe we are at the forefront of Innovation & Technology as it pertains to Gaging.

Maya is able to produce automatic, semi automatic, air, static, dynamic, functional, variable gages utilizing technology around us. If you are interested in learning more about how Maya can help make you more efficient & cost effective, please contact us today!

Maya Gage Logix Software

Maya has [3] software options from which you can choose from. X4, X6, & X8. Each has their own specific benefits, capabilities & costs. Each of these software options are PC based & are capable of managing fully automatic systems, or simple bench gages with indicators. Below is a brief description of each & cost with screenshots of examples of their look & feel.

This product is entry-level & intended to be simple, easy, & cost effective. Typically loaded on an industrial tablet or All In One PC, this system could be installed & programmed in your facility (PC included) for less than $2,000! This product is intended to compete & surpass GageChek, Merlin, Nemo & others. Simple to set up, simple to run, & Windows based. Which means it’s easy for your team, and your IT team to manage.

View screenshots of the system.

This product is an upgrade from the X4. All the same features as the X4 but this has a variety of data export options to feed data back to SPC systems. It is also fully configurable & customizable screens.

This version is the most intuitive model we offer. It adds new plant floor SPC package. Typically used for more complex systems, benches, multiple gages, semi-auto, auto gages. It is totally configurable with custom screens & can output to nearly any network. It also has accessories like Tool Compensation that can be added to make it more dynamic. Some screenshots below show it’s diversity.

View screenshots below show it’s diversity.

Accessorize GageLogix

Tool Compensation

The act of communicating a result & adjustment to a machine producing a part, automatically. When a machine is showing wear, thus making parts slightly out of tolerance, then our gage throughout the checking process can notify the machine to make adjustments. Traditionally these systems were of a proprietary nature and can only be managed, maintained or repaired by the manufacturer. But our gages and technology can do this utilizing a standard PC Windows based system! This system is VERY operator friendly, syncs easily into existing networks, and if there is ever a need to make adjustments or corrections, anyone who can run a PC computer can troubleshoot.

*Prices listed above for Maya GageLogix software are subject to change & added checks/features may not be included in price of software. Programming is often additional cost.

Air Gaging

Maya Gage is the premeir builder of air gages. We design & manufacture the entire spindle, hand apply or bench, in-house. By utilizing the latest technology & digital communications, BroadTeq’s Air to Electric Converter has created a new standard in air gauging accuracy. With real-time calibration & diagnostics, the AEC is able to increase accuracy as well as ease of use. The first and only Air to Electric Converter that is 100% digital and speaks to ‘Orbit’! Connect directly to any Solartron Orbit network or Solartron Orbit enabled Gage Chek without additional hardware. The Broadteq AEC is designed for the shop floor environment. Sealed to IP65 standards allows it to be mounted in the open without the need for a secondary enclosure. The AEC can even be mounted directly in the machining environment such as transfer lines and machining centers.

The video to the right shows one of our systems supported with GageLogix technology!

Non-Contact Technology

Maya has also been working closely with the new trends & technology that exists in the field. We are able to communicate with & record data from a multitude of non-contact gaging. This includes optical micrometers, 2D laser scanning, air gaging, vision systems, infrared sensors, & dot lasers. In the right applications these technological advances may be more cost effective than traditional contact gaging. Not to mention those EXTRA difficult checks!