cube / nano

High precision non-contact measurement

All in One

These instruments replace several expensive, traditional measuring tools such as calipers & dedicated benches.  Nano & Cube are can operate in a wide range of temperature variation (45° – 105°).  The measuring is reliable & dependent of potential manual mistakes of operators.

Fast & Reliable

Nano & Cube products developed by Italian Engineers have the best cameras, lenses, processor & software available.  Integrated, programmed & supported by Maya in the USA.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular, compact & portable.
  • All measurements in real time.
  • Software with 3 access levels.
  • Linear & radial axis measurements.
  • Pre-set limits.
  • Visual graphs.
  • Easy saving of programs & measurement data.
  • Possibility to export all data via USB port or wireless.
  • Ready to connect to a printer.
  • High resolution digital camera system with high quality telecentric optics.
  • Special workholding fixture.
  • Optional workholding for automatic part rotation.


Send us your parts & we’ll test on the Cube or Nano!  Simply contact us at, we’ll complete any necessary NDA or paperwork.  Then all we need is a part print & features you wish to check!  You’ll have a report & quote within 7 days of issuance.

Interested in seeing the SPEC sheet?  Click US_Cube_Nano_Mayato view!